Packing Boxes and Materials

Packing Boxes in Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen: Your Ultimate Solution for Moving and Storage

In the vast world of moving and storage, the unsung hero often remains the humble packing box. Beyond mere cardboard, these boxes stand as the protective guardians of your cherished possessions. Dive into our comprehensive collection, where quality meets versatility, and discover why our packing boxes are the gold standard in the industry.

Why Our Packing Boxes Stand Out  

Navigating through a sea of packaging options, our boxes have been the hallmark of quality since 1837.

This isn’t merely about storage—it’s about a legacy of meticulously designed resilience, adaptability, and a vision for sustainability. With us, you’re not just choosing a box, you’re embracing a storied tradition of unmatched durability and utility.

Each box is an ode to centuries of dedication, ensuring your possessions are guarded by the best in the business.

Packing Boxes to Suit Every Need

From the antique vase you inherited from grandma to your vast collection of novels, every item demands a unique packing solution. 

Eco-Friendly Packing Boxes

In today’s eco-conscious world, we recognize our responsibility. Our eco-friendly boxes: 

  • Sustainable Materials: Crafted from recycled and sustainable sources, promoting a greener planet. 
  • Fully Recyclable: After serving their purpose, these boxes can be recycled, reducing waste. 


Speciality Packing Boxes for Fragile Items 

Treasure the delicate memories and items in your life: 

  • Shock Absorption: Our speciality boxes come with enhanced cushioning to absorb shocks. 
  • Custom-fit Design: Designed for fragile items like glasses and china, ensuring a snug fit and minimized movement. 


Customizable Packing Boxes in Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen for Unique Needs

Because one size doesn’t fit all: 

  • Custom Dimensions: Tailored to your exact specifications, ensuring optimal space utilization. 
  • Branding Options: Ideal for businesses, get your logo or branding printed.


How much do boxes cost in Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen?

While quality remains paramount, we understand the importance of cost-efficiency.


Key InformationDetails
Importance of Quality PackingUsing the correct packing materials and cartons ensures maximum protection of your household effects.
Carton & Material Standards– Designed and tested by the Removal Industry. Meet the British Association of Removers criteria. Purchased in bulk from a Nominated Supplier.
Carton QualityHeavy-duty standard, environmentally friendly.
Return Credit50% CREDIT available on all boxes returned to our depot in good condition.



Materials & CartonsSize/DescriptionPrice (Excluding VAT)Usage/Notes
White Packing Paper5 kg per Pack£8.50 Per packEssential for glass & china.
Heavy Duty Tape£3.00 Per RollA must for securing all boxes.
Mattress Covers – Single£1.50 Per cover
Mattress Covers – Double£2.50 Per cover
Mattress Covers – King Size£3.00 Per cover
Bubble wrap750mm wide on a 100m roll£30.00 Per RollIdeal for fragile items/pictures.
Carton Pack 10.45m0.33m0.33m£1.75 Per CartonHeavy items: books, CDs, tinned foods.
Carton Pack 20.45m0.45m0.50m£3.00 Per CartonGlass/china/kitchenware and odds.
Carton Pack 30.45m0.45m0.75m£3.50 Per CartonLarge Lamps, Hi-fi’s, computers.
Carton Pack 40.90m0.45m0.25m£3.50 Per CartonLinen, clothing, curtains.
Pictures CartonFlat Cardboard£2.25 Per CartonPictures/mirrors. Requires 2 cartons depending on picture size.
Wardrobes CartonAccepts 15-20 garments£1.00 / £8.00 Per CartonHanging clothing. Keeps clothing clean and crease-free. Must be returned on move day or full charge applies.


Bulk Purchasing vs. Individual Box Pricing

Maximize your savings with our pricing strategies: 

  • Bulk Discounts: Enjoy significant savings when purchasing in bulk, ideal for large moves or businesses. 
  • Individual Box Pricing: Optimal for smaller requirements, ensuring you only pay for what you need.


Fantastically Priced Moving Materials: Get in touch 

Whether you’re relocating, storing, or simply reorganizing, elevate your packing game with our premium boxes. With a range that caters to every need and a pricing structure designed for maximum value, we’re your one-stop solution. For a hassle-free experience, enhanced by the assurance of quality, reach out today. Your items deserve nothing but the best! 

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